Question: How can we overcome insecurity?

Sri Chinmoy: Insecurity comes when we divide ourselves from others and feel that others are superior to us or stronger than we are. But if we can have a childlike heart and feel our oneness with others, then we can never be insecure. A boy of five or six is not insecure when he sees how strong his father is. No, the boy feels that his father’s strength is all his. If his father buys a brand new car, the boy tells the world, “This is my car.” He has identified himself with his father to such an extent that he does not hesitate to claim his father’s car as his own. His father will not say, “You fool, is it your car?” On the contrary, the father is so proud that the child is claiming the father’s possession as his own. Similarly, if we claim God as our own, very own, He will give us His Infinity, His Immortality, His All. But, alas, we do not claim Him; we simply try to get one drop of nectar-delight from Him and then we separate ourselves. That is why we are insecure.