Question: Will people one day understand the necessity of oneness?

Sri Chinmoy: No, it will not be a matter of understanding; it will be a matter of feeling, through the heart. If we want to understand something, we have to use the mind. Understanding is always in the mind. But human beings will never establish oneness with one another by using the mind. At every moment the mind is changing its opinion. This moment a good thought enters into my mind and I see you as a very good person. The next moment a bad thought enters into my mind and I say you are a very bad person. When I use the mind, my view of you is a reflection of the kind of thoughts that I am having. Another thing about the mind is that it always separates and divides. The mind will say, “I am good, but you are not good.”

The heart only feels its oneness with others. It says, “If I am good, then you are also good.” The heart is like a mother. A mother always feels that her child is good. She is all the time pouring her motherly love, affection and compassion into her child. A mother is not using her mind to determine how beautiful her child is. No! As soon as she looks at her child, she sees him as all beauty.

If the child becomes like a cyclone and starts screaming and breaking everything in the house, her mind may say, “God, why did You give me such an undivine child? Who needs him?” That is because the mind is separating the mother from the child. But then the mother’s heart will come forward and say, “If he is bad, then I am responsible because I brought him into the world.”