Question: Will human beings one day achieve salvation by having this feeling of oneness?

Sri Chinmoy: It will come, it will come. You are using the term ‘salvation’. When we use this term, we feel that there is a saviour who will rescue us. We feel that we have done millions and billions of bad things, that we are unclean people who have committed so many sins, and that it is necessary for somebody to come and give us salvation. But there is another philosophy that uses the term ‘realisation’. This philosophy is based on our feeling of oneness with God, our Heavenly Father.

When a child gets dirty from playing in the mud and clay, his mother just comes and washes him. The child does not feel guilty that he is dirty, for he does not know any better. He is just playing, playing, playing. But the mother knows that the mud and clay are no good, so when the child comes running to her, she immediately cleans him and makes him pure. Similarly, no matter what we do, if we just go running towards our Heavenly Father, He will make us pure again. But if we think that we are very bad, if we feel that we are ugly, filthy animals, then we will not go to Him. So if we claim God as our Mother and Father, God will do everything for us and it becomes God’s Responsibility to make us pure.

When we pray and meditate, we come to realise that something is infinitely higher than salvation, and that is oneness with God. When the Christ said, “I and my Father are one,” that was his realisation speaking. When he said, “O Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” it was the human in him that was speaking and separating itself from God. But the divine in him could never separate itself from God. The divine in him felt, “Whether I am in Heaven or on earth, God is in me and I am in Him; we are one.” This feeling of oneness is called realisation.