Question: Sometimes when we see the situation in the world and mankind's lack of aspiration, it is difficult to be happy.

Sri Chinmoy: It is difficult to be happy because the world is suffering. But we must remember that we have an inner world of our own. If God wants us to put a few more plants in our heart-garden or to water the garden or sweep it or fertilise it, that is what we have to do. Again, if He asks us to do something in the outer world, to manifest Him, we should work there. No matter what God asks us to do, we will do our very best, but then we have to surrender.

We are trying to change the face and fate of the world, but the world does not want this. We try to give someone wisdom, but that person only misunderstands us and insults us. So we have to listen to only one person, the Inner Pilot. If He asks us to give something to someone, we will give it. In return if we are ridiculed or insulted, if our gift is not accepted, it is not our problem. Our task is to surrender to our Inner Pilot. When we pray and meditate, we have to know the Will of God by listening to the Command from God. We have to know what He wants us to do. Then if we can execute God’s Will according to our capacity with utmost sincerity, that is enough.

We look around and we expect the world to be changed overnight. But the world does not change overnight. Our next-door neighbours, even our dear ones, do not change. We shall try our best. Outwardly we may be misunderstood, but inwardly we can offer good thoughts. If nothing is changing outwardly, what shall we do? If it is God’s Will, we shall continue. If it is not God’s Will, we shall withdraw. We can maintain our happiness only by listening to God’s Will. If God says, “Do it,” we shall do it, and then forget about it. If God says, “Do not do it,” then we shall simply not do it.

Our happiness has to come from our service to God in humanity. When we stand in front of humanity, we must not forget that we are serving humanity precisely because God is inside humanity. If God, who is inside humanity, knows how sincerely we have tried, and if He is pleased with our sincere efforts, then we should be pleased no matter what the results may be.

Our difficulty is that we work so hard, we give talks here and there and we try to make the world better, but we feel that the world is only becoming worse. But God alone knows whether the world is actually getting better or worse. God wants from us only our sincere effort. If we think of the results, if we think that everything is just as bad as it was before, then we shall say, “What is the use of praying to God?” If we do not serve God for God’s sake, if we think we are doing it for our own sake, then we are bound to become miserable. If we serve God for God’s sake, then even if we are not successful, even if we do not have so-called outer success, God will not mind. God only wants to see if we are sincerely listening to His Command. In this way, if we can keep our connection with God very safe and secure, then we will be able to remain happy.