Question: I have heard you say over the years that after meditation, many times the disciples do not assimilate what they have received. Could you please tell us what to do to assimilate what we have received, and also what we should not do?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two or three ways to assimilate into your system the light, peace or bliss you have received from a good meditation. One way is to be absolutely relaxed. This relaxation is not watching television or reading the newspaper! You should read only spiritual books, or lie down and quietly sing or hum soulful songs. If you can hum soulful songs after your deep meditation, that is the easiest and the most effective way to assimilate. You can also read some spiritual books, but singing is better for excellent singers like you. For singers, it is the easiest and most effective way. You can sing yourself or listen to my voice, but it will be better for you to sing. Since you have had a good meditation, you can add to your meditation with your singing. Then it will be so easy to assimilate the results of your deep, sublime meditation.

There are other ways also. Another way is to walk very, very slowly, and let Mother Nature help you to assimilate. Very soothingly and tenderly Mother Nature will help you to assimilate all the divine things that you have received during your meditation. But Mother Nature is a great help only early in the morning or in the evening. At other times it is very difficult to get help from Mother Nature because Mother Nature has surrendered to humanity, or she has been spoiled or polluted by the restlessness of humanity. If you have a good meditation during the day, then the best thing is to sing.