Question: After our meditations at the United Nations, we all have to go back to work. Since we would not be able to lie down or sing, is there anything else we can do to assimilate? Sometimes everybody just starts talking as soon as you leave.

Sri Chinmoy: You can sing quietly or in silence. If you are singing Jiban debata in silence, who is going to hear you? Your boss cannot say anything about what you are doing. If you are singing in silence, how can your boss or anybody else say anything? If everybody is talking when I leave, then wait for two or three minutes. The talkers will disappear, because they have to go back to work. You can stay in your seat for another three or four minutes. Let them go. The talkers are not going to stand near you to wait for you to get up and then bother you. Again, if you also have to rush back to your job, then the best thing is to sing in silence. You do not have to sing loudly or in an audible voice.

Another thing you can do consciously and deliberately when you have a high experience is to breathe as slowly as possible. That you can always do. Nobody can see whether you are breathing slowly and quietly. Breathe as slowly as possible and as quietly as possible. Try to feel that if you put a string or thread in front of your nose, it would not move. Nobody will be affected by what you are doing, and you also will not be affected by anybody’s disturbance.