Question: Should we expect to be attacked by weaknesses we pray to overcome?

Sri Chinmoy: No, we must not expect to be attacked by weaknesses we pray to overcome. If you are praying to God to protect you from something, from disease or from some unfortunate experiences, then you must not even for a fleeting second expect them to come. That is absolutely the wrong way. You must kick them once and for all with no expectation of their attack. If you think of them, then your prayer will be ineffective.

When you pray to God, do not keep these weaknesses in your mind or expect that they will come in a few seconds. Do not feel that they exist. When you pray for their removal or non-existence, you must not expect them to come. If you expect them, then you will indefinitely suffer. Your expectation will be your unconscious invitation to the wrong forces. Never expect, never even think of them. Only pray to God to save you from all the things that are harmful to your spiritual life.