Question: Where does your sweeter than the sweetest sweetness come from?

Sri Chinmoy: Since you are flattering me, I can also flatter myself. Your flattery is nothing in comparison to my self-flattery! My self-flattery far surpasses all your mental hallucinations plus imaginary flatteries.

My sweetness comes from the beauty of my universal heart and the fragrance of my transcendental soul.

Just yesterday at P.S. 86 I became my own universal heart and transcendental soul. It was not just seeing, it was not just feeling, but it was becoming. I do hope some people saw something unusual. For some people to know my transcendental height and universal length is an impossible task. To see and feel the real reality is an impossible task. But to see something or feel something unusual, in a normal sense, is quite possible. I do hope somebody felt something unusual and saw something unusual yesterday at P.S. 86.