Question: How can one be a superior yet still maintain a child's heart?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you have to know the qualities of a child’s heart. The qualities of a child’s heart are sympathy, sincerity, purity, sweetness and happiness. If you are a superior, you think that you have to maintain all the time a superior feeling, dignity and so forth. But a divine superior or supervisor will feel that the real supervisor is the Supreme Himself. So try to use all the divine qualities instead of showing off the earthly, human qualities that a supervisor exhibits. When pride speaks, it gets nothing. When sweetness speaks, it gets everything.

Use your smile, use your compassion, use your oneness, use your wisdom at every moment. There cannot be a greater wisdom than a sweet smile. This sweet smile is the spontaneous expression of a child’s heart. A supervisor can easily maintain his or her childlike heart and get everything done in a satisfactory manner.