Question: How can we maintain our gratitude even when we are tired?

Sri Chinmoy: We can maintain our gratitude even when we are extremely, extremely tired, even if we are on the point of collapse or if we are dying. Just take a very deep breath and imagine a river flowing. A river is in front of you, and the river is flowing fast, very fast, with a sweeter than the sweetest smile, towards its destination: the infinite ocean.

While breathing in, silently utter the word ‘gratitude’. While breathing out, feel that your gratitude is flowing from the inmost recesses of your heart like a running river, carrying your gratitude towards the destination. It is like the Ganges which is entering into the vast ocean. Your soul’s name, Bhagirathi, is another name for the Ganges. So feel that the Ganges is running towards the destination, and at the same time it is carrying your gratitude-breath to the source, the Himalayas.