Question: What pleases you most: when we invoke you or enter into you, or both?

Sri Chinmoy: When you are in an ordinary consciousness, you should try to aspire for a higher consciousness — to invoke me, to invoke my presence, my blessings, my love, my concern, my compassion and my joy. But if you are already in a high consciousness, then you should try with utmost awareness, seriousness and soulfulness to enter into my divinity’s infinite affection, love, sweetness and bliss.

When you invoke, you look upward. When you want to enter into me, in the inner world you dive deep within. When you invoke me, at that time there is a feeling that you are trying to nullify the sense of separativity — that is to say, the feeling that I am infinitely higher and you are infinitely lower. The human tries to bring down the divine. When we want to establish oneness, inner oneness, inseparable oneness, at that time we know that we are already one. But at times we forget that the drop and the ocean have no separate existence. Then we try our best to make ourselves feel that the drop and the ocean — that is, the human and the divine — are inseparably one.