Question: Does the Supreme limit the soul's choice as to what form it takes? For example, why would a soul be an ordinary cat instead of a majestic lion? Or a beggar instead of a doctor who helps people?

Sri Chinmoy: No, the Supreme never limits the choice — not at all. The Supreme creates the soul. As He creates a soul for a cat, even so He can create a soul for a human being. Everything is in the process of evolution, and evolution is a slow process. The Supreme does not limit the soul. Whatever form the soul wants to take, the Supreme allows. But if the Supreme wants a particular soul to be inside the body of a cat, it has to take that form, because it is a divine game. In a game all the participants do not play the same role. In football, somebody will be a goalkeeper, somebody will be a halfback and somebody will be a fullback. So many different positions they take! Like that, each soul also has to play a special role. In the process of evolution it has to go through many experiences.