Question: Should we pray to our own soul for the soul's forgiveness?

Sri Chinmoy: You can, but if you pray to the Supreme, that is more advisable. The Supreme is infinitely more compassionate than your own soul. If the Supreme forgives you, then the soul cannot say anything. If the soul sees that the body, vital, mind and heart are committing the same mistake again and again, then the soul feels sad if the Supreme does not punish them for being so undivine. But if you pray to the Supreme for forgiveness and the Supreme forgives you, then the soul is also bound to forgive you. It is like a high school teacher and a high school principal. The high school teacher may be displeased with you; he may even want to throw you out. But the principal has the right to keep you.

To come back to your question, if you have betrayed the soul or if you have not paid any attention to the soul, then you can pray to the soul for forgiveness if you want to. But instead of praying to the soul, the best thing is to pray to the Supreme for forgiveness. That is the wisest thing to do.