Question: Guru, in one of your poems you said that if people criticise the world, God will show them that they are a towering pillar of imperfections.

Sri Chinmoy: It is like a mother and son. I can scold my son bitterly, but you are not allowed to say even one word against him. My son may be wicked to the backbone, according to you, but to me, my son is absolutely divine and perfect.

We are all God’s children, so God does not like any of us to criticise His other children. When we criticise others, God feels that we are separated from Him. God wants us to accept His creation. As He has taken His creation as His own, we also should take His creation as our own. When we criticise someone, God feels that we have separated ourselves from God’s Compassion and God’s Vision. At that time God says, “If you criticise this person, then I will show you that your own imperfections are towering.”