Question: Is it good to leave my son and family and go somewhere else to meditate when I cannot meditate at home?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not good to leave your son and family. What you have to do is become very strong inwardly. Just because you cannot meditate at home right now, you must not leave your son and family. If you move, you will only think of your son. You will wonder what he is doing, what he is eating and so on. Wherever you go, you will carry the same mind. It is the mind that is not allowing you to meditate.

What you should do is to live in the heart. While looking at your son or talking to him or the members of your family, inwardly repeat “Supreme, Supreme, Supreme”. Try to inwardly repeat the name of the Supreme as often as possible. Then the vibration from this soulful chanting will enter into your son. I strongly feel that if you go away, it will be worse for both you and your son. You should be there with him. If you cannot pray and meditate most intensely to your satisfaction, you can say “Supreme”.