Part III

A farewell to Yugoslavian disciples3

Soon you will be leaving Athens. Your so-called physical existence will leave this hotel and return to Yugoslavia, but your inner existence, which is real, absolutely real, which is the only reality, you will leave behind inside the depths of my heart. It will remain with me permanently. Physically I may not be able to go to your country in the near future, but spiritually I am already there. My heart of boundless love, infinite affection and inseparable oneness is all for you who have come from the aspiring heart and dedicated life of Yugoslavia. Those who have joined our boat have a very special significance in the depths of my own aspiring heart. In the short span of two days you have proved in unmistakable terms your sincere, most sincere cry for our Lord Beloved Supreme. My prayerful life and blessingful soul will always lead you and guide you to the highest Destination.

As in a school there are some good students and some students who are not as good, in the spiritual life there are also some good students and some poor students. I wish all of you to make a bold attempt to become excellent students of our Lord Beloved Supreme. I would like all of you to run the fastest. The things that are unnecessary and unaspiring, the things that may lead you to stray from the spiritual path, please, please, please, even in your wildest dreams, do not encourage or cherish. Run the fastest.

Very special Blessings you have from our Lord Supreme, my dearest Yugoslavian children. Anything that will stand in your way, anything that will delay your progress, please discard it consciously and immediately. The goal is for the brave and the swift. Those who can run the fastest in the spiritual life will get the highest reward. Therefore, at every moment, consciously, soulfully, devotedly and self-givingly, try to run the fastest and thus make our Lord Beloved Supreme extremely, extremely proud of you.

Since we are all seekers, we do believe in the existence of the soul. The soul flies in the firmament of Infinity, sleeplessly and eternally, like a bird. Birds symbolise the soul, the celestial soul. Let us all grow into most beautiful and dynamic souls, so that we can, at every moment, fly in the heart of Infinity’s Sky.

SCA 586. Sri Chinmoy made these farewell remarks to the Yugoslavian disciples.