Part IV

SCA 587-597. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 31 January 1990 at P.S. 86 in New York.

Question: The hostile forces seem to be increasing and making progress, and the good forces seem to be losing strength. How is it possible that the good forces will ever win?

Sri Chinmoy: Who are we to say which are the hostile forces, which are the good forces and who is winning? We use the term ‘hostile forces’, but do we actually know which are the hostile forces and which are the good forces? We ourselves can play the role of hostile forces most perfectly. Let us try, consciously and soulfully, to minimise our wrong actions. Each day if we can do one less wrong action, we help the divine within us to make us perfect. Since God has not given up on us, we must continue to try. As He has infinite Patience, let us also have patience in conquering wrong forces.

We must not add to God’s problems. Unconsciously we do many wrong things; for those, we have to forgive ourselves. But consciously also we do many wrong things. We look around and see that someone has done something and God has forgiven him, so we think, “I can do the same thing and God will also forgive me.” Is there any human being who every day is not consciously doing wrong things for no other reason than to fulfil a kind of desire, especially in the thought world? Insecurity comes, jealousy comes, inferiority and superiority come and we allow them to enter. We just connive at them. If we do not conquer these wrong forces, if we do not fight against them, we will surrender to them. We have to be all the time like brave soldiers or heroes to conquer them once and for all.