Question: In your New Year's Message you mentioned in the last two lines 'My Transcendental Silence-Crown and my Universal Sound-Throne'. Can you say something about that?

Sri Chinmoy: This is not my poetical expression; it is my own inner experience. If you can raise your consciousness, your inner height, then you will see that my New Year’s Message is not mental jugglery. Last year when I said certain things in the message, they came true. This year also they will happen. Every day tremendous things are happening in the inner world. In the inner world when we see a bud of beauty, then we know it will blossom, petal by petal. But unless it is fully blossomed outwardly, with our outer vision we cannot call it a flower. So in the inner world, if we have confidence or faith, we can see the inner reality. But if we cherish doubt, then we cannot see what is really most beautiful and most real. The doubting and practical mind does not perceive it. Most of the time when something is in seed form in the inner world, we see that it will eventually manifest fully. Very developed spiritual seekers can envision the future with their third eye. They know that their vision is real. It has already taken place in the inner world, but it is not showing on the outer plane.

Only eleven more months remain in this year. So let us have patience. With our aspiration and eagerness, we can also expedite God’s absolute Height. Our receptivity is nothing other than gratitude. As soon as we can offer an iota of gratitude to God, our receptivity increases.

God is pleased even with our short-lived surrender-life and infinitely shorter-lived gratitude-breath. We see how little gratitude we have. But when we increase our power of receptivity, the vision of tomorrow can be manifested as reality in today’s heart, in today’s life.