Question: Could you give us a meditation or concentration technique to develop discrimination-power?

Sri Chinmoy: If you can just shed tears — and I do not mean crocodile tears — you will develop discrimination-power. Try to feel that you are absolutely helpless, like a babe in the woods. You have to bring forward humility and feel that you are nothing and can be nothing without God’s Protection, God’s Compassion. You have to cry like a child. Think of the way a child cries for the mother’s milk or a toy. Then immediately you will be able to discriminate and choose only the things that are going to help you make spiritual progress. What you need will be there. The power of discrimination comes from our utmost sincere cry. If you use the mind to discriminate, it will be a mistake. Discrimination is founded upon the heart’s purest cry. Immediately God’s Compassion and Protection will give you nectar and keep you away from poison.

The other way is to act like a hero. Here you have to have the confidence to know that you are God’s supremely chosen child. With this confidence, you will conquer wrong forces.