Question: At the public meditation you talked about the crying child within. If we are concentrating on your Transcendental picture, can we try to see the crying child in that and identify with it there?

Sri Chinmoy: Inside my Transcendental picture you want to imagine a crying child? No, that is not the way. My Transcendental as such is not crying. In a sense, you can say it is crying for the perfection of the human beings, but my Transcendental is full of infinite compassion, love and light. When I spoke about the crying child within, I meant that you as an individual have to cry the way a child cries. You can cry to my Transcendental for the things you need, to discriminate right from wrong, and so on. The Transcendental will fulfil your aspiration. But if the Transcendental also starts crying, how will the Transcendental be able to give anything? For those who cry to the Transcendental the way a child cries, the Transcendental embodies infinite compassion, blessings, love and light, and these divine attributes or qualities will enter into you. If you wish, you can ask the Transcendental to teach you how to cry. The Transcendental itself is not going to cry, but in a deeper sense the Transcendental does cry for the transformation and perfection of humanity.