Question: Are there certain pieces of music that are best to listen to at certain times of the day?

Sri Chinmoy: I am not an expert on music. For that you have to read books about Indian ragas. If you read Indian books, they will tell you which raga is best in the evening, which in the morning and which in the afternoon. But with regard to my music, since I have composed thousands of songs, you can make the choice. If you are not a singer, then you can listen to my tapes or to the disciples’ tapes, and see which songs are best for you. You be the judge. Some songs will appeal to you most early in the morning, others late in the evening and still others perhaps far into the night.

I have tried a few Indian ragas. Unfortunately, I do not agree that you have to listen to or play such and such a raga early in the morning and another one at noon. That approach does not appeal to me. I feel it depends on our consciousness. If our consciousness is not high, no matter which music we listen to, even the most soulful music, we will find nothing appealing in it. But if our consciousness is high, every kind of spiritual music will appeal to us. As I said before, you be the judge. Select a few songs, either sing them or listen to them at different times of the day, and then you decide which ones are best for you.