Question: One of the older disciples in my Centre is very discouraged by something she read in one of your books. You said that older people in their fifties very often cease to make spiritual progress because at that age the vital is either impure or tired and it stops giving determination to the mind. This disciple got discouraged and said, "What hope is there? I am in my fifties."

Sri Chinmoy: Naturally it is simply impossible to make spiritual progress if she remains in the mind. But if she remains in the heart, then she will remain an eternal child. I am also in my fifties, but I feel I am still progressing. If you can remain in the heart, no matter how old you are, even at the age of 99, you can make progress. But if you remain in the mind, you will be bound to your physical age. There are disciples who are only 25 or 26 years old, but in terms of lethargy, unwillingness and other unaspiring attitudes which they cherish, they are acting like 90-year-olds. Again, there are two or three women who are on the wrong side of fifty, but how hard they work, how energetically, how eagerly! Sometimes they do not even go to sleep at night. How I appreciate them! They do not remain in the mind; they remain in the heart. They are always enthusiastic and ready to inspire others. So elderly women at your Centre should try to remain inside the heart. If this disciple remains inside the heart, she does not have to worry about her age. A childlike heart will help her to make all the necessary progress in her life.