Part I

SCA 611-617. Excerpts from a conversation which took place in Rome on 17 February 1990 between Don Antonio Tarzia, General Director of the Italian publishing firm Edizioni Paoline; Venanzio Ciampa, writer and director for Italy's RAI national television; his father Virgilio Ciampa; and Sri Chinmoy. Don Antonio Tarzia's questions were translated by Venanzio Ciampa.

Don Antonio Tarzia: We are religious people. It is important for us to be religious and to work for God. On the other hand, I also have to manage a publishing company. I have to be a manager in everyday life and produce very actively.

Sri Chinmoy: God is both the Creator and the creation. He is in Heaven and He is also on earth. In Heaven He is the Creator and on earth He is the creation. But the God who is in Heaven and the God who is on earth are the same Person. When the Saviour Christ said, “I and my Father are one,” Christ was on earth — in the body. But He was inseparably one with His Father in Heaven.

The creation is the manifestation of the Creator. Your publishing company is part of the creation. In this case, God is manifesting His Light through publishing.

Heaven and earth are like the tree and its fruit. We cannot separate the two; they are one.