Don Antonio Tarzia: How do you feel that we can reach out to God?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two main roads. One road is the road of the mind and the other is the road of the heart. Which road do you want me to speak about? Which road do you want to follow?

Don Antonio Tarzia: The heart-road.

Sri Chinmoy: I also like the heart-road. The heart-road is the safest road. We call it the sunlit road. When we are in the heart, we cry. We cry to God to give us love, to give us peace, to give us joy. If our cry is sincere, immediately He gives us what we want. Here the heart is playing the role of a child. When a child cries for milk or a toy, even if his mother is in the other room, immediately she comes running to him. Similarly, if from the bottom of our hearts we soulfully cry to God for His Compassion and Love, immediately He will give them to us. But our cry has to be sincere, the way a child’s cry is sincere.

The heart-road is the road of love. You do not understand English, and I do not understand Italian. But as soon as I saw your eyes, immediately I felt something very pure and very loving in you. And also I feel that you see something in me. So we have been communicating with our hearts. My heart has entered into you and your heart has entered into me.