Question: I feel that the various religious sects seem to be hardening in their positions vis-a-vis one another. Is that only my perception, or do you also feel there is a hardening of attitudes on the religious front?

Sri Chinmoy: There are quite a few spiritual Masters who have their own spiritual paths. These spiritual Masters are in no way hardening their attitudes; they are in no way colliding with one another or standing in the way of others’ progress.

As far as the well-established religions are concerned, there are definitely a few religions that are in no way standing against others or trying to exercise their supremacy over others. Unfortunately, the followers of some well-established religions are still trying to exercise their supremacy. Instead of trying to embrace the universe, they are afraid of losing their so-called supremacy and so they try to dominate the followers of other religions.

Again, there are many, many spiritual Masters who are in no way asking or compelling the world to follow them. They are only walking along Eternity’s Road. They feel that they have something within and others are following them because they see something in them. It is true that some of the well-established religions are definitely afraid of losing their higher authority, so they are creating problems. But I strongly believe that in the near or distant future, the barriers that divide the different religions will all disappear. At that time, I do not think there will be so much fighting or misunderstanding among the religions. When that day dawns, if some individuals or groups of individuals can reveal to the world at large their inner light, then the world will run towards them, without caring for their religion.