Part IV

SCA 627-630. Questions answered in Jamaica, New York on 8 July 1990.

Question: How does it affect our palm when we wear a ring?

Sri Chinmoy: If you wear anything that is bright, especially gold, it affects the palm temporarily. When the palm or the finger assimilates the consciousness of the ring or the piece of jewellery, it can affect some lines for better or for worse. It depends on the subtle qualities or vibrations of the ornaments that you are wearing.

In India they wear so many things as a talisman to increase the life-energy. Indians always beg boys and girls to wear something to increase the life-energy, especially gold, pure gold. Many years ago, my teacher asked me to wear something gold so it would give me life-energy. I said, “I will never touch those things.” My sister also feels that if I use something, some metal, then life-energy will flow through my injured knees.