Question: What are the limitations of science and technology?

Sri Chinmoy: Science and technology are in the mind. Anything that is in the mind right now is limited because the human mind is not trying to consciously expand or enlarge itself. There are minds that are extremely illumined or illumining, but these minds are rarely to be found on earth. On the whole, the mind that we live in is ordinary. It is full of doubt, fear, anxiety and worry — full of limitations. Since science is in the mind, then definitely these limitations are visible, for science is constantly doubting its own creation or doubting its own achievements.

If we live in the heart, it is all constant self-expansion. The heart is like a divine child looking at the rising sun early in the morning. It receives light in abundant measure. The limitation of science and technology is their incapacity to receive infinite light from Above because they are bound by the mind, which is quite often confused and self-contradictory.