Question: What is the relationship between the ego, the soul and the Inner Pilot?

Sri Chinmoy: The Inner Pilot is our Lord Supreme, and the soul is the representative of the Inner Pilot, of our Lord Beloved Supreme. The ego is inside the vital, inside the mind and inside the physical. These three are supposed to be good instruments of the soul, but they are not. Unfortunately, consciously and deliberately they try to mix with undivine forces such as jealousy, insecurity, impurity and so forth.

The way the soul is the representative of God, even so, the body, vital, mind and heart are also supposed to be the representatives of the soul. But in most cases, the body, vital and mind are not willing to be the representatives of the soul. The soul is conscious of God’s Love and God’s Compassion. In this way, the soul is fulfilling God. The body, vital, mind and heart, on the other hand, are not fulfilling the soul because they are not aware that the soul is the direct representative of God on earth.

A boss must listen to his own boss, but we do not do that. That is why we suffer so much. The highest Boss, God, is loved and respected by our immediate boss, the soul. But when it comes to pleasing our immediate boss, we do not. That is why we are full of sufferings.