Part VII

SCA 755-760. Sri Chinmoy answered questions asked by members of the children singers at Aspiration-Ground, in Jamaica, New York, on 11 August 1995.

Question: Why is this year so full of hostile forces?

Sri Chinmoy: Everything, good or bad, has been created by someone. There are only two persons; you have to choose one of the two, or you can claim both. One is upstairs; His name is God. The other one is downstairs; she is your own noble self. You are lost in between. If you blame the one upstairs, nothing happens. You do not know why He is not using His Eyes, why He is not using His Ears. But you have two good ears, two good eyes, one good heart — you are the possessor of so many good things.

You have to ask yourself why there are so many undivine forces torturing us on earth. If your question is absolutely sincere, not coming from your mind but from your heart, then your soul will reply on behalf of God. Your soul will tell you that you are part and parcel of this world. If even one person remains imperfect or undivine, then the world cannot be perfect. If one key on a piano is defective, in spite of your best intention not to strike that particular key, like a magnetic pull, again and again you will strike that one and your beautiful melody will be ruined. Our human mind, vital and physical consciousness are like extremely defective keys. Sometimes the heart is good; sometimes it is not. The soul-key is absolutely perfect, but what kind of melody can you create with one key? We have to try to fix the other keys — the body, vital, mind and heart. Once we make them absolutely perfect, there will be no hostile forces; it will be all perfection.

You as an individual are representing the earth-consciousness. You cannot separate yourself from earth. Again, when you are in your soul-consciousness, you cannot separate yourself from Heaven, which is perfection and delight. So the answer to your question is inside me, inside her, inside you — inside your body, vital, mind and heart. Once one God-seeker or God-lover becomes extremely good and perfect, then others will get the inspiration to do the same.