Question: In the soul's world, even though the souls do not have physical ears, is there also music like here?

Sri Chinmoy: No, in the soul’s world, music is different. The music there is infinitely sweeter and deeper than the music here. But we can only hear it with our inner ears. In the soul’s world, if you want to sing, then you have to open the throat centre. And if you want to hear the soul’s music, then you have to open your third eye. The third eye is called ajna in Sanskrit, and the throat centre is called vishuddha. These two centres you have to open if you want to hear the soul’s music and also if you want to sing by becoming one with the song that the soul sings.

In the soul’s world there is music and also, from the heart centre, there is a kind of light. The heart centre is called anahata, the soundless sound. That is another type of music where there is no sound. We cannot hear it with the ordinary ear. Inside the soundless sound also is the soul’s music, but you can hear it only when you are in a very high, very deep meditation, in the highest height and deepest depth of your meditation.