Question: Will it help me if I see you in my meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely. That is what my disciples and the disciples of any spiritual Master long for. The more you can see your Master in your meditations, the greater will be your speed in the spiritual life. But, in addition to seeing your Master and feeling your Master, you also have to do the right thing. You can see me in your meditation, but afterwards if you enjoy television too much, how will you get the benefit? You have to be very careful. One moment you are in your heart-garden, which has lots of beautiful flowers. But next moment, if you enter into your mind-jungle, all the things that you saw or felt inside your heart-garden will be ruined. This moment you are enjoying the beauty and fragrance of your heart-garden. The next moment if you enter into your mind-jungle, you will become a victim to insecurity, frustration or impurity. So the more you can stay inside your heart, in your own heart-garden, the more you are going to see and feel my divinity.