Question: I wish to realise God. How long will it take?

Sri Chinmoy: I will not be able to say exactly how many months or years it will take. It all depends on God’s Compassion, Affection and Blessings. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to pray and meditate regularly in the morning and evening and, if possible, two or three times more during the day. Then you have to place the results at the Feet of God. You have to be like a farmer. A farmer sows the seed. Then, if he starts looking for the plant the same day, he will not find it. He has to water the seed and wait until it germinates. He must not become impatient and dig up the seed because he cannot see any plant. He has to wait and wait for the proper time.

Your only duty is to pray to God and meditate on God. That is everybody’s duty. Then God will choose a day. We call it God’s choice Hour. At that time, He will definitely give you your realisation.

But right now, do not think of the realisation-fruit. True, the fruit is your goal, but if you think of reaching the fruit before you even climb up the tree, then your mind will be on the fruit and you will not be able to climb. First you have to climb up the tree. Then only can you think of the fruit. Just start climbing. I assure you, one day you will be able to enjoy the most delicious nectar-fruit which is God-realisation.

A little child who is in kindergarten should not think of his Ph.D. First he has to go to primary school, high school and university. At each stage he has to study very, very hard. The goal is there, but it will not be in the forefront of his mind. In your case also, step by step you have to reach your goal.