Encouragement is of paramount importance1

I never dreamt of composing thousands of songs. Now in English and Bengali — forgive me, I am bragging — 15,000 songs go to my credit. I not only wrote the words, but I also set them to music. In India I was a singer, good or bad, but here people have appreciated my singing voice. Encouragement is of paramount importance. If we are encouraged, then we go forward. If we are discouraged, then we need adamantine will-power to cross the discouragement-barrier.

In my weightlifting, Bill Pearl — five-time Mr. Universe and the 20th Century’s Best Built Man — encouraged me like anything. He encouraged me from when I started lifting 40 pounds. This time for my weightlifting anniversary, he was the Master of Ceremonies.

In every field I have been encouraged. At the Ashram also, I happened to be a writer, but by far the best author wanted me to be his translator. There were so many holding highest degrees, but he did not like their translations. He wanted me to be his translator. So again I was encouraged.

Everywhere I have been encouraged, encouraged. Here, when I started composing songs, people were appreciating them, so I got inspiration. Encouragement we all need. Again, if there is discouragement, we need adamantine will-power. If we want to do something, no matter how we are discouraged on the way, we have to go forward.

  1. SCA 797. Later in the conversation, Sri Chinmoy spoke about encouragement.