Mrs. Tripathi: I must say, your singers sang such beautiful bhajans on the 2nd of October for the observance of Gandhi's birthday at the Gandhi statue in Manhattan.

Sri Chinmoy: Please allow me to introduce you to Ranjana. Ranjana is the leader of that group.

R: Thank you for inviting us.

Mrs. Tripathi: The compositions were beautiful, and they were very well sung. They stopped the traffic. People just stopped there, got out of their cars and listened.

R: We were so happy to be able to perform at the Gandhi statue.

Mrs. Tripathi: I thank you so much for your time. It has been so wonderful.

Sri Chinmoy: It was so kind of you to be with us. We have enjoyed your company, and we shall only increase and illumine our friendship. Here we had such a wonderful time. I pray to our Lord Beloved Supreme to make you the choicest instrument of our beloved Mother India to spread her light throughout the length and breadth of the world. May you be the supremely choice instrument spreading Mother India’s sempiternal light. You have been to so many countries! I am absolutely sure you have offered Mother India’s inner light, pristine beauty and purity, and I would like you to continue.

Our philosophy is progress, progress, progress and self-transcendence. What you have done is good. But God within us wants us to be better, best and perfect, to increase our divine qualities, to serve Him in every possible way. You are now carrying the supreme message of Mother India here to America. Not only to America, but to the East, West, North, South — everywhere. I pray to the Absolute Supreme for you to spread His infinite Light. This is my most sincere prayer, coming from the inmost recesses of my heart.

Mrs. Tripathi: Thank you so much. It is the most beautiful blessing. Thank you very much.