Part I

SCA 818-820. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 24 January 1996 in Durban, South Africa.

Question: When we have a manifestation project, sometimes I feel I know the only right thing to do, but someone else thinks he or she knows best. When both of us cannot conquer that kind of feeling, what is the right solution?

Sri Chinmoy: There is a way. Right now, you are fighting for your way. You feel that your way is correct and the other person is wrong. But you can say, "All right. Let me make the sacrifice. Let me accept her way. I know she is one hundred per cent wrong, but let me try her way." If by accepting her way, you make a horrible mistake, do you think she will not have the eyes or the heart to see that you have been kind enough to accept her way and that now it is all a total failure? She will say, "My God! My friend loves me so much that she renounced her way and now what have I done? I have ruined everything." Then the next time, she will be infinitely more careful when she offers a way.

Similarly, she can do the same. She can sacrifice her way and accept your way. Then she will see whether you are right or wrong. It may be that your way is totally wrong. In one sense, you may say that the one who surrenders is sacrificing her wisdom. But how long can you fight for your own cause? One party has to come forward and say, "Let me see if there is any truth in her way, even though I feel it is all wrong." Then when you give her the chance and it is proved that she is totally wrong, you may find that your way may not be totally correct either. When both of your ways fail, then you have to pray to the Supreme to give you a third way so that you can be more successful.

One person should come with a sacrificing attitude and say, "Let me surrender to her way and then see if she is right. If she is totally wrong, she will be embarrassed." If your way is also wrong, you will also be embarrassed. Then both of you will dive deep within to find the right way. From within you will get the answer. But if both parties stick to their own principles, then you will only quarrel and fight. At that time unaspiring forces such as bitterness will enter. Your unaspiring forces will enter into her and her unaspiring forces will enter into you. Then you will only be delaying and delaying the manifestation of the Supreme.