Question: Suppose two people have a way they want to do something for you that needs to be accomplished. Both are seeking the same result, but they do not have any harmony. Should we be willing to settle for less of an outer accomplishment in order to have inner harmony?

Sri Chinmoy: I value the disciples' progress infinitely more than I value outer achievements. If I see that two individuals are working together amicably instead of fighting, it will give me greater joy. Your inner attitude is always of paramount importance. You can bring a flower and throw it on the shrine, or you can bring it with your heart's devotion-tears and place it on the shrine. If you just throw the flower on the shrine, will the deity be pleased? Similarly, if individuals who are working on a project are quarrelling and fighting, then if one person brings me the good news that the thing has been accomplished, am I going to be happy? The fruit is there, but it tastes rotten because the persons who were involved in bringing the fruit have quarrelled and fought.

Always try to bring forward the attitude of loving oneness. I did not come into the world to have my name in the street. I came into the world to raise the consciousness of each person and to turn each person into a living God. You have to prove that you love your Guru by your attitude towards each other. If your heart is inside me, then that same heart will be seen outside also. The same heart that you have given me must be used in manifestation. If you give me your heart and then give only your mind, vital and body to our manifestation, will I be happy? To all those who are working on manifestation, I am saying that if you do not achieve anything, I will not be unhappy, provided there is harmony in all that you do.

In the ordinary life, even if the boss insults you and scolds you, he still gives you your salary. In the spiritual life, the connection between the Master and the disciples is based on love and mutual happiness. What the Master is giving to the disciples, he is giving happily. What the disciple is giving to the Master, he is also giving happily. When you have a job, at the end of the month you get your salary, no matter what kind of feelings you may have towards your boss. But in the spiritual life, the relationship between the Master and the disciple has to be based on mutual love.