Question: It seems that angels come to be of some kind of service. But why do fairies associate with people?

Sri Chinmoy: Angels love God, and some want to serve God’s creation consciously. They say to God, “I want to serve my brothers and sisters on earth. I want to be of some help to them. My brothers and sisters are suffering, and they are not conscious of who You are. Since I am conscious of who You are, let me go and help them.”

Fairies come to show us that there are other worlds and these worlds are full of beauty and light. When fairies do something, there is tremendous charm in it.

It is like two magicians. One magician has a very simple, cheap wand and another magician has a very expensive, golden wand. Similarly, angels are full of brilliance, whereas fairies are natural and simple. Fairies can never be complicated. Angels have so much brightness and splendour in them, but they can be very, very complicated.