Question: In terms of spiritual stature, where would an angel be as compared to a saint or a deity?

Sri Chinmoy: A spiritual Master is much higher than an angel. Even a yogi is higher. But angels are much higher than fairies. In terms of spiritual height, you can say that fairies are like nurses and angels are like doctors. Again, nurses know a few things that doctors know. Sometimes it is beneath the dignity of the doctors to give injections. The nurses will actually give better injections than the doctors who have got higher than the highest degrees. By doing it so many times, they have become expert. So one is in theory, the other is in practice. Again, nurses are nurses. When we are treated by the nurse, shall we say that we were treated by the doctor?

Fairies have a more magical touch than angels. When you think of an angel, usually the angel is coming to do something really serious — a life and death matter. With fairies, one does not think of life and death.