Question: After someone becomes your disciple, does their guardian angel leave, or does he establish a relationship with you, or does he just say, "You do not need me any more"?

Sri Chinmoy: My job is only to place each and every disciple who has accepted me as their teacher at the Feet of the Supreme. As soon as I accept someone, I place that person consciously at the Feet of the Supreme. I am not the Supreme, but I know a little more than you do because I have prayed and meditated more than you have. I always say that I am like the eldest brother in the family. You are my younger brothers and sisters. I know a little more about our Father than you do.

As soon as I place you at the Feet of the Father, then my role is over. Just as I was able to sit at the Feet of the Father, touch His Feet and kiss His Feet, you will also be able to do the same. Once I place you at the Feet of the Supreme, since He has everything and He is everything, why do you have to again think of the one who helped you?

Let us say you want to see a particular house. You ask someone, “Where is 150th Street?” He says, “Go this side, then go that side and you will reach it.” Once you come to the correct place, you are grateful. But did that person bring you there? Perhaps five miles away you asked that person where 150th Street is and he gave you instructions. He did not say, “Come into my car. I will bring you to the destination.” He said, “Go this side, make a left turn, go to this street and that street.” Just because he gave me directions, I am grateful to him.

Angels are like that person who gave directions. You can be grateful to them because they told you how to reach the destination, but they did not bring you on their shoulders to your destination.