Question: Do all angels get along with each other?

Sri Chinmoy: Even cosmic gods fight, and they are infinitely higher than angels! Every second the cosmic gods are cursing, every second they are showing their supremacy. Then, among individual human beings, sometimes someone who has peace thinks that he is the strongest. He feels as if he will be able to swallow all the conflicts and misunderstandings of the world. The next moment, when someone has got power, he feels that he has conquered the whole world. Then a third person may have love, so he becomes universal oneness with all. Even when we are surcharged with different aspects of divinity, we can exercise our feeling of supremacy.

By nature angels do not quarrel or fight like cats and dogs, but the feeling of supremacy may be there. Again, inside the feeling of supremacy there can be oneness. A father knows he is much stronger than a child. For that very reason he does not fight with the child, and the child does not fight with the father. This kind of oneness they have.