Question: Is there any leader today who was previously an angel?

Sri Chinmoy: In the case of some prominent people, angels really had a great influence, like the French girl, Joan of Arc. In her case, the angelic touch was there. She received help both from angels and fairies. Angels found it more difficult to establish a direct connection with her. As I said before, fairies have a more direct connection with human beings because fairies are not as high as angels. Fairies can come and touch the human level. That is why in the life of Joan of Arc you saw more of what we can call a dynamic aspect, a solid aspect. This solid aspect came from the angel world and then it came to the fairy world. It came step by step. If you come step by step, it is one thing. Another way is if you jump, omitting two or three steps. If angels have to come directly to the human level, they have to omit two or three steps. But it is risky for them. Whereas if they come to the second step, then the fairies who are on the second step can easily come to the first step and it is solid.