Question: How can the Puerto Rican disciples please you?

Sri Chinmoy: For some disciples, my fulfilment is the only thing they are aspiring for. Ask yourself if my fulfilment is everything to you. Write down whatever answer comes to you. Yes, definitely you want your Guru to be fulfilled, but side by side, you want your own fulfilment. For a few disciples — very, very few — there is no side by side. For them, it is one-pointed: “Guru’s fulfilment. I do not need my own fulfilment.”

In your case, you do want my fulfilment but, along with that, you will look this side and that side and say, “Can I also be fulfilled? Can I also become the world’s greatest percussionist or can I also become the world’s greatest cellist?”

If you had love for your Master, would Puerto Rico have so few Centres? Your love for the Supreme in me is the expansion of the Puerto Rican consciousness. The more you love the Supreme in me, the more your own reality and divinity will be able to expand, not only in your own life, but also in the entire consciousness of Puerto Rico. The more you increase your love for the Supreme in me, for the Supreme in yourselves, the sooner Puerto Rico will become as strong as hundreds of elephants. You will say, “I love my Guru.” But then see the extent of your love. In Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other places, it is their love-power that has expanded. Puerto Rico is the place that I chose first. You become tired before you start your journey, and they do not become tired even when their journey is completed. They are carrying my message of the ever-transcending Beyond.

My Puerto Rican children will say, “Oh, it is because of the Puerto Rican heat that our Centres are not growing.” But inner heat is infinitely more powerful than the outer Puerto Rican heat. When the inner heat, the burning cry for God, comes forward, the outer Puerto Rican heat is nothing in comparison. India has produced so many sages, saints, spiritual Masters and Avatars. Is India the coldest country on earth? These spiritual figures became great because their inner heat was much stronger than the outer heat. India produced Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo and many other great spiritual figures because of the inner heat. Like that, your inner heat also has to become most powerful.