Question: Your physical mother in this incarnation comes to see you quite often from the soul's world. Do your mothers from other incarnations ever come to you?

Sri Chinmoy: No. This particular mother has been my mother for many, many incarnations. In our family, all the members have been together for quite a few incarnations. And also one of the disciples has been with us in our family for quite a few incarnations. Our family has taken birth in different places, but we wait for a long time between incarnations. Spiritual people do not have to take incarnation after six years like ordinary people do. For ordinary people, it is a cosmic law — in six years, Heaven has no room for those souls. They have to vacate the hotel. Other souls can take twenty or thirty years or even longer. Again, if they want to, spiritual Masters can keep some ordinary souls in Heaven for a longer time, but normally they try to please the authorities in Heaven.