Question: Could you speak about ways to cultivate intensity when you want to conquer obstacles to reach a goal?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two ways we can use. The first approach is through prayer. We have to pray to the Supreme, “Please, please bless me with intensity. Please give me abundant intensity.” This is the first way. For a few days or a few months you can try this way.

The second way is to enter into your highest meditation. When you reach your absolutely highest meditation, just for two or three seconds utter the word ‘intensity’ with utmost will-power. When you utter the word ‘intensity’, like a bullet, intensity will enter into you. Not only will it enter into you, but it will also go out of you. Then this intensity will act like a miracle in your life. But ordinary meditation will not do. It has to be your own highest meditation.

In your case, you give more value to perfection than you do to intensity. Since you are aiming at perfection, crying for perfection at every moment, do not separate perfection from intensity. Try to have two wings in your spiritual life. If you care only for perfection, perfection, perfection, then there will be only one wing. You are aiming at perfection, but that perfection may be only according to your way of thinking. Somebody else may say that what you call perfection is nothing but imperfection. When you are aiming at perfection in your outer or inner life, since that is what you prefer, try to unite that goal with the eagerness you have for intensity. You already care for perfection. Now you should also care for intensity to the same extent. Where there is intensity, then the sense of perfection will automatically be there.