Question: Before I do anything, I always weigh the pros and cons. Is this a bad habit?

Sri Chinmoy: You weigh the pros and cons because your mind is so powerful. Luckily your mind surrenders to your heart. Definitely it surrenders to your heart, but it gives a brave fight before it surrenders! In some cases, the heart loses in the battlefield of life. In your case, the heart wins eventually. Always what we need is the heart's intensity, the heart's feeling of oneness with the Master's will. Recently I asked you to do something. You knew what I wanted, but you were giving the excuse that you did not have enough money. But if you use your heart, then money comes out of the blue because your oneness with me is bound to work a miracle. When anyone identifies himself with my heart, then my heart can create constant miracles.

If God asks me to do something, that means He has given me the capacity to do it. I could not have done anything that I have done for the world if God had not given me the capacity. Similarly, when I ask someone to do something, I am absolutely sure that God has given that person the capacity. Otherwise, I will not open my big mouth. No, no, no. If I ask you to do something, rest assured that the capacity is given, even more than you need, because it has come from the highest Source. A mother knows whether her child will be able to lift up one pound or two pounds or five pounds. In exactly the same way, when God tells us to do something, He knows how much capacity we have. At that time, God will not ask us to do anything beyond our capacity. In almost all cases, our problems can be solved in a better way if we use the heart instead of the mind.