Dr. Kuznetsov: I know that story. This is a great thought. If we understand this thought in a general sense, it will give hope for the rebirth of Russia.

Sri Chinmoy: Russia is like a flower, a beautiful flower full of fragrance. For a number of years, the flower was unable to offer its beauty and fragrance because of man’s mind-made rules. Some Russians made rules which came from the mind, not from the heart.

It is not at all true that Russians did not believe in God and now suddenly Russians do believe in God. Because of certain individuals and certain political pressures, the power of the mind tried to dominate the heart. At that time the poor heart, which is the direct link with God, with the Divine, could not come to the fore. For quite a few years the heart-power surrendered to the mind’s doubt-power, suspicion-power and destruction-power.

Now the heart-power has again come forward, and the mind-power, which is full of doubt and other negative forces, has surrendered. Russia the flower, Russia the soul, is coming to the fore. Now that Russia is fully awakened spiritually, the entire world will derive tremendous blessings and be able to make very, very fast progress.