Dr. Kuznetsov: How do you feel about occult power?

Sri Chinmoy: Occult power is like the waves of the ocean, whereas spiritual power is like the ocean itself. As soon as some people see waves, they pay attention only to the waves and not to the vast sea. But they will get real joy only when they become one with the ocean itself, which is infinitely more powerful than a few waves here and there.

When we pray and meditate, we want to identify with the ocean and not with the waves. When Sri Ramakrishna prayed and meditated, he did not care for occult power at all. But if we become one with the ocean, then automatically we become one with the waves as well. If we acquire spiritual power, then occult power will be there as well. But spiritual power is infinitely more powerful and illumining in a seeker’s life. If we want to go from one country to another by boat, we have to cross the whole ocean, not just a few waves. So in our prayer and meditation, we should not ask for occult power. We should ask for love, so that with our love we can become one with the Highest.