Dr. Felix Kuznetsov: We would like to offer you gratitude for your heart's welcome to us. Through us, you are welcoming our whole country — all the Soviet people. We feel that it is coming from your heart. Meeting with you has been one of the most important events in our visit to America.

Sri Chinmoy: We belong to one big family. When a family is big, a few members of the family go out of the house and live elsewhere. They live in different places, but they still have the same parents, the same brothers, the same sisters. Similarly, God’s creation is one family. Some members are living in the Soviet Union, others are living in America and still others are living in India, Canada and different parts of the world. But we are all God’s children, and we are all brothers and sisters. Our goal is the same; our destination is the same: universal oneness and peace.

When we pray and meditate, we live in the heart and we come to realise our oneness with one another. If we do not pray and meditate, we live in the mind, where everything is division. If we live in the mind, we find that even in our own being there is division. Our mind wants us to do one thing and our vital wants us to do something else. Therefore we can never have satisfaction. But if we live in the heart, all the parts of our being work together. Let us live always in the heart. The little brothers and big brothers have to go together. The rich countries and the poor countries have to go together, for we are all one.