Question: This New Millennium is accompanied by so much hope, but I have two fears. The first fear is that I will remain unchanged, and the second fear is that the Supreme will get tired of constantly coming to my rescue. Are these fears justifiable?

Sri Chinmoy: Instead of justifying your fear, you have to conquer it. There are two ways of conquering fear. One way is to feel that at any moment you will be strangled by hostile forces. Then you will remain alert. You will always remain inside the citadel, inside the fort, where you will be absolutely well protected.

The other way of conquering fear is to imagine or feel how much strength fear itself has. Fear is a power. You have to feel how much strength this fear-power has. Then you will pray to the Supreme, “Please give me infinitely more power than the power that this fear embodies.” Then the Supreme will give you infinitely more power than the power that is embodied in fear.

You have to challenge fear. Otherwise, there is every possibility that one day you will be tempted to come out of the fort to see whether fear is really strong or whether it is your imagination. When people are well protected inside, sometimes they go outside because of temptation. They want to see how beautiful it is, who is waiting for them, who is looking at them and so on. But if you come out and challenge the fear, then not only at home, but even in the street you can be fearless.