Question: How can I please the United Nations soul?

Sri Chinmoy: You can please the United Nations soul by imagining that right in front of you is a huge tree. Imagine that you are looking at all the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Cast a glance at each part of the tree and feel that everything that the tree has is for humanity’s success and humanity’s progress. A tree is constantly offering itself for the betterment of mankind. If you can think of the United Nations as a tree and if you can devotedly observe all the good qualities of the tree, you will be able to increase the good qualities of the United Nations plus your own good qualities. This is how you can please the United Nations soul. If someone appreciates their children, parents become very happy. In exactly the same way, if you can appreciate the life-tree of the United Nations, then you are pleasing the inner resident, the soul of the United Nations.